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Production and marketing of garments in knitting

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TEXTILES CROSS SAC, began operations in the textile sector in the 70s, dedicated to the manufacture of garments made of 100% cotton knitted fabric or in blends, made up of people with an entrepreneurial spirit committed to setting new quality standards to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

For many years the company was oriented to the national market, however over time it decided to enter the international market.
At the beginning of the year 2000, the planning of venturing into the sale of our products abroad began, becoming part of the retail and wholesale market, satisfying markets such as the USA, COLOMBIA, BRAZIL, PUERTO RICO, CHILE, ECUADOR, UNITED KINGDOM , FRANCE, JAPAN, and others


Manufacture high quality textile products that satisfy all the needs of our customers, always providing an excellent service, training and developing the skills of our work team, orienting ourselves to continuous improvement in order to achieve the growth of our company as well as that of our collaborators.

To be the leading company in the textile industry, recognized for its innovation, quality and service at an international level, a leader in providing integral solutions, and considering itself the best place to work.

Production and marketing of garments in knitting 100% Peruvian Cotton
Calle Portada del Sol 769 Urb. Azcarrunz Bajo, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima- PerĂº.
Phone: +51970560811