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Production and marketing of garments in knitting

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TEXTILES CROSS S.A.C. Has all the processes to transform fabrics into perfect garments. We are currently specialized in production for wholesalers. We have all the necessary means to carry out any type of order, for this we have a plant with high production capacity. In addition to being able to offer the best quality, we guarantee an impressive speed of delivery. To achieve these results we have the latest technology in the textile manufacturing market. By fully controlling the production process we can guarantee the absolute quality of the products and we can offer you complete freedom when making your orders, being able to realize them according to your specific needs. Our processes are composed as follows:


Personalized customer attention. Every customer has a representative assigned, and is constantly updating the customer about the development stage at the factory.


An experimental piece is manufactured based on the customer needs. This not only guides us, but allows us to try new, improved techniques on our workflow too.

Product development

Analysis of the client request. At this stage, we study the requirements and time needed. The project is at the creative stage, considering which knitting or dyeing processes to use.


With our last generation machinery, we obtain the material in a fast, reliable way. The knitting process is entirely computerized, but permanently monitored by trained personnel.

Color development

Last generation equipment and speacialized experts in our team allows us to create and process fine dyes for our products. Several processes are involved to ensure the highest fidelity.


The previously created colors are applied at textile material. Several quality checks ensure color uniformity across the entire piece. Our dyes are vivid and last forever.


Hand made cutting of every piece of our products ensure high fidelity and correct orientation in the fabric. Technicians use specialized equipment for their own security.


Hand made sewing with hundreds of workers devoted to this important task. We also use fine threads for every stitch, thus ensuring long-lasting, durable products.


We also create the embroidery for every garment made. No work is derived to third parties, thus ensuring a high level of quality as well as the privacy of our customers.


We wash our fabric with specially processed water and in specialized equipment. We also stretch and filter the fabric to avoid shrinks or any kind of deformation.


We finish the garments with the labels and client's prints (if needed). Obviously, we add a few final touches, like ironing, folding, add buttons, and storing.

Quality control

We have up to 6 different quality checks along the entire process. With this exhaustive quality control methodology, we never produce or ship a single defective piece.


Production and marketing of garments in knitting 100% Peruvian Cotton
Calle portada del Sol 769 Urb. Azcarrunz , San Juan de Lurigancho , Lima- PerĂº
Telefono (511) 478-0310